Tuesday, March 6, 2012

big boy jungle kitty . . .

g took these photos.  pepito is his kitty.  they watch cartoons together every saturday.  they've been watching cartoons together for eight years now.  actually poopsie came to live with me the year before g arrived.  i tell g that he was smaller that poops when he was born.  he is amazed by that.
apparently bueller is amazed by the size and magnitude of my kitty.  after seeing him eyeing the crickets she told me, "Your cat is GIGANTIC! I know that shouldn't be all that I got out of this post, but I am trying to figure out scale here, and the size of that chair compared to the size of your cat is blowing my mind. Are you sure it's not a puma? :)" 

i had to get his stats after that.  he currently weighs in at 15 pounds.  and when "standing" on his hind legs peering at the crickets, he's two and a half feet tall.  is that puma sized?  i call him my big boy jumgle kitty.  he has a very regal air about him when he's not drooling.

his name is not so majestic though.  g's dad named him pepito.  then promptly started calling him rrrrrrrrrrrrepoopsie.  he insists there is no meaning behind the word.  i have my doubts after the "hechando la hueva" incident.  i quickly shortened rrrrrrrrrrrrepoopsie to just poopsie.  which subsequently got shortened to poops.  poops.  nope.  not majestic at all.  but look at that face.  so handsome.  so good lookin'.  let's call him mr. photogenic.


i really wanted to get some october daily pics edited and blogged tonight, but i had to clean my scrappy mess, tidy the kitchen, and go pack march kits at jenni's.  the night has gotten away from me now.  tomorrow for sure though!

here are my calvinball standings.  i did manage to squeeze in another october daily page for a point . . .

calvinball points: 7
calvinblog points: 9
bonus points: 2.5
handicap points: 1 (taking my weekly paper pushers have to clean up their mess point today).
total: 19.5

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  1. Pepito is such a looker. And I still think he's got puma DNA.