Friday, March 30, 2012

art journal

my poor art journal seems to have fallen by the wayside in the month of march.  i'm not sure how or why that happened.  This spread was actually mostly done in february.  i just threw the bottom of the bee page on last night to call it done.  i think sometimes it's best to just move on and start fresh.  but seriously, i really liked how these were going, so i don't know what derailed me.  the lazies i guess.  hmmm.

the little bee a drew from my bee pinboard on pinterest.  i kinda did this page as a rough sketch of a canvas i'd like to do one day when i actually start doing canvases.  one day.  the background was playing with the watercolor crayons i splurged on and the water colored pencils that i found in my stash and had totally forgotten that i owned.

the clouds were made from gesso swirled in circles.  look closely and you can see that it can leave a nice texture behind.  the stickles i got from jenni.  i didn't think i'd like stickles, but i kinda do actually.

then this page was a fun dabbling into collage.  the frame around the girl is more gesso and stickles.  the background is more watercolor crayon and pencil play.  i (wet) glued down some sewing pattern paper and stamped on it.  that's my favorite mercantile exclusive stamp from last year. 

overall i remember this being quite fun last month.  i need to get back to it.

if you're interested in art journaling, julie balzer's "art journal every day" posts are a great place to start.


  1. I really love this. So much texture and colour, and I love how art-journally it is while still incorporating some traditional scrapbook embellishments like that OA girl. The stickles are a great touch too :-)