Monday, March 5, 2012

calvinball mind games

the great race is heating up.  it's taking a lot of my brainwaves to keep up with all the shenanigans.  i had to start a fresh post just to keep up with all the rapid fire rules today.  all in good fun.

here is a peek at pierre.  i'll be sharing him in all his yo-yo beret glory at gallery updates on saturday.  he was hatched last night from the march antiquarian add-on.  i think there's only one of those left.

tonight i decided the mini-album was the way to go so i dug out my october daily and added 5 more days.  five days.  five points.  i'll try to share some internal pages tomorrow.  but tomorrow is kit packing night.  that's going to cut into my calvinball time.  but it's fun too, so it's all good.

calvinball points: 6
calvinblog points: 8
bonus points: 2.5 (today's bonus point awarded by sharyn for cub scout den mother duties involving crafts)
handicap points: 0 (it has been decided by paula that paper pushers get a point a week for cleaning up their mess.  i'm still making my mess, so i haven't cleaned it up yet).


  1. I took time out from my scrapping to read your post - do I get a point for that?

  2. Oh yeah, more points. Extra points if you take a before/after picture of your mess (I'm planing on partaking in that one. Shh, don't tell Celeste

  3. I think you should get extra points for packing all those kits cause that is scrapbook related and it's for the greater crafty good.