Sunday, March 11, 2012

jbs mercantile march: gallery updates

isn't he cute?  "oui!"  i've named him pierre.  since he's sporting the little yo-yo beret, he seems a bit french to me.  the hard boiled egg was misted with jenni bowlin for ranger spice tin.  i then drew in his eyes with a fine tip sharpie (fyi - "easter" is a critical word addition when googling "cartoon chicks" - just sayin') and glued on his beak (a square of cardstock folded in half on the angle).  this was all from the antiquarian kit with the exception of the vintage button, paper easter grass (target), safety pin, tag (avery), and alpha sticker (magpie hexagon sticker sheet).  the vintage spool was painted with a jenni bowlin for ranger stick candy dabber.

you can see the rest of my march jbs mercantile projects and the fabulous work from the rest of the design team in the gallery.  i have one more layout there that i'll share here in a couple days when the march gazette comes out.  it's for the main + button article for this month's design team challenge.

i forgot to post my calvinball points last night.  it's been a blurr lately, i tell ya, but spring break has started and i'm "this close" to being caught up on all my work.  watch out world!  i plan to make a calvinball comeback this week!!!

calvinball points: 8
calvinblog points: 13.5 (only got a half point yesterday as i missed a day in between. them's the rules!)
bonus points: 3.5
handicap points: 1
total: 26


  1. I love "Pierre"! I went to Micheals yesterday and bought some wooden eggs & spools to make a few as Easter gifts!

  2. Oh je taime pierre!! (I have no idea if I spelled that right). You know how adorable I think this is! Very clever and very adorable!

  3. This is so cute. Pierre would make a great party favor.

  4. Way cute!

    I think I'm failing Calvin Ball right now...

  5. OMG...that is just tooo toooo cute Doris. I HAVE to do