Wednesday, March 7, 2012

october daily 2011: days 1-5

i was going to say something about every page here, but i'm not sure that's necessary.  or maybe i'm just feeling suddenly lazy.  whatever the case, please ask if you have any questions.  i'd be happy to answer them.

i started this little mini-album back in october and the idea was to document each day similar to ali's "december daily" idea.  october's always such a big month for us with fall break to florida, g's birthday, cub scout camp out, and halloween festivities.

i almost got to the two week mark with it before i fizzled out.  i did keep taking pictures though so i could get back to it once i finished with my "journal your christmas" with shimelle.

fast forward to march.  i briefly toyed with the idea of doing a march daily.  after all, march is a big month for us too with spring break to florida, my birthday, cub scout campout, and st. patrick's day shenanigans. 

i decided i'd better not though seeing as how i'd only gotten halfway through this one and halfway through december's mini.  figured i'd better finish something i started instead of starting another something new.

i also figured finishing this one would make for some fast calvinball points earned.  i'm a smart girl.  so far i've finished one more spread tonight.  i'm up to day 20.  go me go.

 planning on getting some more pages posted tomorrow.  and also finishing a few more pages tomorrow.

 until then . . .

here are today's calvinball standings:
calvinball points: 8
calvinblog points: 12 (i blogged twice today plus counted a post i'd missed!)
bonus points: 3.5 (i journaled on student papers today ;)
handicap points: 1
total: 24.5


  1. you go doris!! mine still only has two weeks in it. prolly wait 'til next oct. to finish. lol!
    have fun in fla!!