Sunday, March 4, 2012

calvinball: on the board

i'm finally on the board with my first legitimate calvinball point!  i finished another march jbs mercantile layout.  here's a little sneak.  it's for the main kit + buttons challenge.  i'm really delighted with how it turned out, but i have to wait till gallery updates on the 10th to show you.  i'm such a tease. 
i think i'm going to dig out the october daily mini-album and tackle that next.  paula says minis are the way to go for fast points.  cha-ching!  paula's laying on the smack on her blog today if you're interested in a little more calvinball hilarity.  i'm about to add the cute calvinball badge she made to my sidebar.  game on!

calvinball points: 1
calvinblog points: 7
bonus points: 1.5 (today's bonus point awarded by marianne for completing a project connected to an online challenge)

1 comment:

  1. Ooh Pretty! And hmm...what's this about Calvinblog points. I need to get in on that action!