Thursday, March 29, 2012

elementary school mini-album

this is a little mini-album i have started for g's elementary school years.  it's not everything he's brought home.  not at all.  really it's just a brief synopsis of each year.  kind of a "how the year went" sorta thing.  or it will be when i'm done.  i don't have much done yet, but my plan is to include the following items for each grade level:  a piece of his writing from the beginning and end of each year, a class picture, a couple big events or projects from the year, and some notes from me about how the year went, you know, the highs and lows. 

i've made it mostly from a read hodgepodge book, the march mini-album kit (i used the tiny cigar box from that kit to make this project), and a pack of fancy pants school ephemera that i've been hoarding for this purpose since the november artisan add-on.

besides the cover, i've gotten a good start on the 2nd grade year which he's in now.  it's very simple.  this is basically the header for the 2nd grade section i guess.  the two stickers are from the first day of school.  you can also see the proof sheet from his fall class picture (i was too cheap to buy any of them) and behind that is a little "get to know you" writing assignment he did on the first day.  i'm planning to write a few words about his teacher on the back of that little tag you see and back the proof sheet with lined patterned paper and write some notes about how his year went there.  i have a little envelope to add with his honor roll award from the first nine weeks and then i'll include maybe one or two more event like a spring field trip or something about his AR point parties from the library plus a writing sample from the last month of school.  that's it.  simple and a nice documentation of the overall vibe of his elementary years.

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