Friday, March 23, 2012

calvinball countdown: 9 days to go

about to hit the homestretch in calvinball.  9 days to go counting today.  and i'm finally kicking it in gear.  here are a few more pics of my october mini-album.  i'm tired of photographing, editing, and uploading the pages (31 days makes a fat mini!), so i've just snapped a few favorite spreads from the end.  and then one of the edges to show how fat and fun it is.  fat is fun, right?  don't answer that.  heh.

i seem to be in the mini-album mood of late.  i finished the baby kitty album today, a page in g's school mini, and am contemplating printing pics for the beach mini.  oh!  and then i got this month's jbs mercantile mini-album kit courtesy.  april is designed by lisa dickinson.  and it's awesome.  must think of a plan for it.

i guess today is the last "official" day of spring break.  that's what sherri's boys tell me.  their philosophy is that we'd have the weekend off anyway.  i don't agree with this philosophy.  i'm still in full on spring break mode.

hmmm.  what to do with the rest of my afternoon.  should i put away the mega october mini-album basket?  start on the april jbs mercantile kit extravaganza?  edit florida pics?  catch up on the rest of the blogging?  run to walgreens for a trashy romance novel since i've already finished my second piece of quality literature for the month?  what do you think? 

current calvinball standings:
calvinball points: 30
calvinblog points: 24
bonus points: 5.5
handicap points: 1
total: 60.5

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  1. your mini looks awesome!!
    ugh,i am such a calvinball and calvinblog slacker. i've only done 3 LOs and blogged once this month. we are visiting the "jakers", so no scrapping for me this weekend. hopefully you will do it again. i do want to finish my collage before the end of the month. so that is my goal for when we get home.
    hope you have a great weekend and get caught up on everything...