Monday, March 19, 2012

calvinball update!

 i haven't scrapped up a storm as i intended, but i did get my october daily finished!

 12 more calvinball points!  cha-ching!

 plus i gave myself double bonus points for scrapping on my birthday while on vacation.

 happy birthday to me!  cha-ching!

 i didn't get my inbox cleaned out, but i got gma and papa's yard raked!

about 77 piles of leaves dumped in the ditch!

 and 4 new blisters!  go me!  do i get calvinball points for that?

 i didn't finishe reading and discarding all my old craft magazines.  again.

 but i had lots of fun hanging with the family!  and i have lots of new pictures!  hooray!

current calvinball standings:
calvinball points: 20
calvinblog points: 20.5
bonus points: 5.5
handicap points: 1
total: 47

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