Friday, March 2, 2012

quality literature: eragon

i enjoyed this one tremendously.  it had been on my mental "to read one day" list since it hit the big time back in 2003.  i distinctly recall listening to matt lauer interviewing the then 19 year old new york times best selling author who had written the rough draft at age 15.  such an amazing story.  i happened to be home watching the today show and not at school because i had a wee newborn at the time.  can i say that after eight years of minimal reading this bookworm is happy to be hitting the books once more? 

captivating cast of characters.  fast paced storyline.  very entertaining.

i'm having trouble getting into the second, but i think that may be due to my current overworked state.

i know it appears i only read fantasy fiction.  it's just a phase.  i'll add more variety before the year is out.  :)


  1. If you're into fantasy (even if its only a phase), you should definitely check out Kristin Cashore's books, "Graceling" and "Fire." Good reads.

  2. "It's," I meant.
    Bad English teacher.