Friday, April 26, 2013

drum roll please . . . pom pom garland! finally!

let's just pretend that there's a nice vintage window, an artsy canvas, and maybe some greenery in that big empty void above the fireplace, shall we?  unless you're sherri and then you can feel sorry for me and rush right over to help me deal with the starkness that is the barren looming wall.  it frightens me.

but the pom pom garland now, how cute is that?  i finally made one!  hooray!  i've been talking about it, at least to myself, since november.  finally, finally, TODAY i made it!  happy happy happy!  (i'm going to see duck dynasty at lipscomb university tomorrow ;).

love how it turned out.  it reminds me of the summer sky (and my current toenail colors).  and this color combo is good till october 1st, right?

the vintage bundt pan that belonged to my grandmother made a good pom pom supply receptacle.

sugar'n spice denim twists 4 ply cotton yarn (a little over 2 skeins)
sugar'n spice yellow 4 ply cotton yarn (a little less than 1 skein)
fishing twine
seed beads
plastic sewing needle

my mom used to have plastic rings that she made pom poms on.  i guess i haven't lifted those from her house yet.  i went with the old school cardboard method.  the blue pom poms were wrapped on two inch wide cardstock and the yellow pom poms were wrapped on three inch wide cardstock.  i didn't pay attention to how many times i wrapped each one; i just wrapped them good and thick like.

then i carefully slipped the wrapped yarn off then end and tied a piece of yarn around the middle as tight as i could get it.  i then cut all the loops.

pom poms made on cardboard are in dire need of a trim as they will be having a seriously bad hair day.  i held each one on the sides with the short threads so the long threads were flattened out together and then trimmed those long bits all the way around for a more nicely rounded pom pom.

i think acrylic yarn and a real plastic ring pom pom maker would give better results, but i really like the organic loosey goosey look of these.

i probably used about 12 feet of fishing twine.  the pom poms are spaced approximately four inches apart.  i used a platic sewing needle to stick the twine through the center of each to string them up.  they will slip along the twine, so i anchored them with seed beads.  tie a bead onto the twine in approximately 4 inches from the edge of the previous pom pom, string another pom pom on so it rest on the bead.  then tie another seed bead on the twine so it is hidden in the yarn fluff.  continue along till all the pom poms are strung.  then enjoy the adorable bit of fluffy happiness you've created!  :)

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  1. WOW!! Those pom poms look pro! I like the colors too. That really looks pretty on your mantle.