Tuesday, April 2, 2013

get it scrapped!: snowbird is a flake

this post couldn't be any more appropriate for the weather right now or my sentiments about it.  oh.my.goodness.  it's sleeting out there.  sleeting.  as in frozen precipitation.  in APRIL.  and it's not even april fool's day.  it's april second.  and i live in the SOUTH.  gah.  at the risk of sounding like my mother, I HATE THIS WEATHER!  just had to get that off my chest.

how about a little funny to brighten my mood?  so sunday was easter.  g still believes.  he just KNEW the bunny was going to bring him some seeds.  the bunny musta thought a $20 stuffed in one of the eggs would be sufficient.  the bunny was wrong.  g bellyached about that all morning.  and most of the afternoon until he got his seed fix at lowe's.  at one point he told me those "special animals" sure weren't doing a very good job this year.  confused, i asked him what he meant by those "special animals."  "you know," he replied, "like snowbird and the easter bunny."  HA!  so apparently my 9.5 year old still believes in santa claus, the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, and SNOWBIRD.  sometimes i wonder how i'm raising such a gullible child, but i guess my post from sunday would indicate that he comes by it honestly from his mom and grandma.

by the way, should you care to get a better understanding of just who snowbird is, check out ideas for recording the weather on your scrapbook pages over at get it scrapped!  it's a good one.

and speaking of get it scrapped!, celeste and i have another critique group starting next week!  these are way fun, motivating, and inspiring to me, especially now that i don't have as many local scrapbook friends.  there's  always a great camaraderie that develops amongst us scrappy students.

and how about a little about this layout while i'm being so wordy?  it came together really quickly.  i had it in my mind to punch out those birds and run them across the entire background.  after doing the first row i wasn't quite as pumped about the idea.  it seemed like too much work.  but carry on!  as i was cutting the negative strips off to get to the unpunched paper to punch some more i realized i could mix in some of those and save myself a lot of time.  i also mixed in some of jenni's new washi tape and some machine stitching.  love the look.  it started feeling a little monotonous toward the bottom so i added a touch of yellow patterned paper for the journaling.  i wish i could say that the yellow on white doesn't make me laugh, but it does.  what can i say?  i have a middle school boy sense of humor.  "don't eat the yellow snow!"  ;)


  1. Love it! Of course I knew right away what you meant by Snowbird. LOL He's somewhat of a celebrity round these parts.

    I'm starting to think we live in different states. Did it sleet today? It was incredibly gorgeous here in Hendersonville. I saw no sign of anything wintery and we got no snow like in this picture!!! Great layout, as always!!!!

  2. Awesome layout! I love how you framed the photos with the buttons and thread!!! xo Evie