Sunday, April 28, 2013

project life: march is in the book!

this spread finishes up march!  woot!  i always seem to have one lingering spread backlogged and i think i know why.  usually it's the one with dark, grainy, and mostly uninspiring photos.  i edited, printed, and slotted all my photos for april this weekend and i'm delighted to report that they are full of vibrant happy colors thanks to the sunny spring days and an improved camera situation.  hooray!  and how many of you are shocked that i've completed three months of this project and have a healthy start on the fourth month, which we're still in i might add.  i'm sure raising my hand on that one!  shocked indeed!

on this page:  this spread was done for the jbs inspiration blog, so you can find a complete listing there of the products i used.  i'm fairly amused by the empire strikes back photos.  i dunno.  just something about their expressions and stances as they held nerf guns in the snow gave me an 80s flashback.

on this page:  more 80s flashback here.  anyone else remember godzilla and godzooky.  loved that show as a kid and delighted that g is watching it on netflix these days.  also amused by the conversation in the upper left.  :)

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  1. I wish I could get into the project life...I just can't seem to get started. Your pages look great...Love how it covers everything you do. You do a great job. Any secrets how to get started?