Monday, April 1, 2013

project life: on vacation

i was a bit worried how project life would work out on vacation.  i didn't want to overwhelm my album with too many pics from the florida trips to visit the fam that we take three times per year (i know, it's a hard life ;).  turns out it was easy peasy to select photos.  for the most part, i just chose one or two that represented each event, with the exceptions being the crawdad hunting and riley's birthday.  i've always tended toward "moment" scrapbooking.  i don't scrapbook chronologically, but rather enjoy flipping through my photos and working with ones that speak to me in the moment.  i like to scrapbook my insights and emotions rather than events.  events for the most part never got scrapbooked except through an occasional mini album.  project life plus scrapbooking turns out to be a winning combination for me.  i'm getting the daily life recorded and still doing the scrapbook pages that i can pour my heart and soul into.  love.

on this page: the jbs mercantile april kit offerings went up for sale today (add-ons will be available to non-members tonight after midnight cst).  these first two pages are mostly a mix of the NEW historian add-on (perfect for project life) and the artisan add-on.  i am so stoked that heidi swapp is releasing her ghosts alphas again.  i still have a huge jar hoarded from back in the day and now that i know how awesome they are for project life i will be using them up!

on this page:  i managed to keep the florida trip to one spread with an added 6x12 insert.  not bad! 

this spread has the highlights of the birthday party.  i really just love family birthday parties.

on this page:  this spread was done entirely from the historian add-on with the addition of jenni's skinny alpha stickers in red.  this was my first time working with a kit specifically designed for project life.  it was SO easy to work with!  i especially liked that this one had a broad range of colors. i was able to use mostly blues and yellows on the first spread and then more reds and pinks on the second.  the two spreads still coordinate quite nicely though.

on this page:  i adored the sequin colors jenni chose for the kit and scattered them across this spread like bokah.  


  1. Love this!!!!!!!!!!! I just picked up those Heidi colored ghost letters at Archiver's this weekend and talked myself out of them. Now I want them. Bad Doris! I feel the same way about PL. I just showed Mike my first PL spread tonight and I said, "Now I can have a place for all the little pics that are fun and good pics but I'm not gonna do a whole page about them." I think that was too scrapperie for his brain. He looked puzzled.