Saturday, April 27, 2013

good blog reads

pomegranate and seeds.  a new blog that i am absolutely in love with.  this woman works her art.  she hones her skills till her heart shines through.  each entry is worth the click and read.  two of my favorites are ripple affect: smile and snippets of humanity, bright and fierce.

che and fidel.  i have finally traced back to the originator of the "portrait of my child" series.  i am challenging myself to participate at least once next month.  i keep seeing lovely portraits of children pop up on the internet each saturday and i realize that i no longer take the time to photograph my child the way i did when i was younger.  i want to reinvest in that habit.

busy.  words of wisdom from stephanie howell.  amen sister.

the story behind the photo.  i totally agree jenni hufford.  one of the very reasons i love scrapbooking.

jurrassic park.  need to take g to see it in 3D.  and loving this poster i saw on scathingly brilliant.

foodgawker.  think i stumbled across this website via pinterest.  wow.  do i ever need to gawk some more.

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  1. I love Stephanie Howell's posts too. Can't quite put my finger on what it is I like so much; just how real she is maybe. Off to check out your other recommendations now!