Wednesday, April 24, 2013

nature in the home: fuchsias

this week i brought a little fuchsia blossom into the house as it fell off in the car while being transported.

dark eyes trailing fuchsia . . .

shadow dancers violette fuchsia . . .

so proud i put those hooks in the porch roof all by myself!

and loving that i see these beauties every time i walk through my living room.

where did i get them, you ask?  why from the ag department at the high school i teach at!  and i also got my oil changed by the students in auto tech while i was shopping in the greenhouse!  it was actually the auto tech teacher who clued me in to the plant sale!  such service!  and aren't teenagers awesome?!  :)

joining in the nature in the home series . . . a delightful reminder to enjoy the beauty around us.


  1. Brilliant! Love that you can get these things at the school. And well done on hanging your fuschias, they look fantastic. You do live in a lovely spot I think, it all looks very green and beautiful.

  2. beautiful, i love the colour. the weather here finally seems to be more like spring - no green grass or flowers though.

  3. I love fuschias - we used to have a huge bush in our garden at our last home and seeing them brings back happy memories!

  4. Oh Fuscia's LOVE! Such a beautiful plant and images. Thank you for joining in my linky x

  5. So pretty. They remind me of my nonna.