Wednesday, April 17, 2013

nature in the home: violets

i so enjoyed participating in nature in the home last week and was eager to do it again this week.  the reminder to get out and appreciate nature and bring a tiny bit back in with us is just lovely.  g and i walked to the edge of the property and collected these little beauties from under the cedar trees.  i felt like a little girl again picking the blossoms on my way home from wherever i might have wandered off to . . .

the tiny vases are from my mother.  i thought they were a fitting receptacle for such sweetness.  i remember them on display in her shadowbox that i would dust on occasion as a child.  she must not have liked dusting as these have been packed away since shortly after i left for college i'm guessing.  i love seeing them again and remembering . . .


  1. your violets are perfect - so lovely x

  2. They're so beautiful and delicate. And just right in those little vases. I always get excited when I see violets, they remind me of another time.

  3. These are sooooo pretty!

    I missed Nature in the Home this week, but I'll be back next week :)