Friday, April 5, 2013


the gman received the gatorship award today (good citizenship) as well as honor roll again.  so proud of him!  he is so self-motivated.  seriously, so proud of him.  i was going to take him to lunch after the awards ceremony, but this morning he clarified that lunch is BEFORE the awards ceremony.  doh!  so i took him subway to school and then we went home early anyway (because good citizens play hookie?  ha!).  we did end up eating out for dinner though.  sherri introduced us to the big bad wolf.  now i've spent these last 12 years thinking the big bad wold was a tattoo parlor, but turns out it's an extremely tasty and popular mom and pop eating establishment.  who knew?  sherri, of course!

spring is finally here!  really it is!  i've meticulously checked the ten day forecast every day for weeks and gleefully checked it multiple times today.  the highs are all in the mid-sixties to mid-seventies for the next ten days.  surely it can't go back to freezing again after that!  surely!  i think i shall celebrate by removing the remnants of halloween black and painting my toenails a lovely pastel shade (or two).

when we got home from school we took a walk all around a yard exclaiming over all the lovely weeds.  the glorious purple ones, the carpet of blue ones, the eensy white daisy-esque ones, the dandelions that must go. g was the one who found the violets.  so precious.  he loves all these tiny flowers as much as i do.  yes, i know i'm taking him man-meter down a notch.  hey!  real men can be botonists!!!

there will be much gardening this weekend.  g made me dig up some wild onions so he could inspect the bulbs.  then he promptly cut off the tops and replanted them to see what they would do.  my little scientist is always thinking up the next investigation.  we have lots of baby plants to get in the ground.  pretty sure a lowe's run is close to the top of the list in the morning.

i got another project life spread done this afternoon.  february is finished!  hurrah!  i just wasn't motivated to do this spread at first.  the photos on the right were too drab and dark.  no fun, no fun.  and who wants to bother with photoshop editing on cell phone pics that are never going to be fabulous anyway?  not me, not me!  i noticed some of the cool kids using an app called vsco.  of course, turns out this app is only on iphone and we all know i'm not a cool kid.  i googled though and found a similar app for android called vignette.  it does some really neat stuff.  having lots of fun with it.  and lookie!  i finally finished february!

on this page:  just four more of my little haiku on 6x6 pieces of scrap paper.

on this page:  my kitties getting a little braver about checking out the country life, g learning to cook scrambled eggs, and one of his besties at our place then his.

one of the centipede challenges is to blog or scrapbook your bucket list.  i don't really have one of those.  i'm a live in the moment gal who feels pressured by too much looming on the horizon.  but i was thinking today that it might be fun to have a very small bucket.  like a few little things i'd like to get done in april.  things that i meant to do in december, january, february, march . . .

1. diy shower curtain
2. diy raised garden
3. closet organization
4. lego purge
5. mantel display
6. marathon in a week
7. mailings

i'll keep you posted . . .

finally, if you're into project life, betsy's started making journaling cards for jbs/jessica sprague.  this is the first set.  they're currently on sale for $2.62 and there are pdfs that you just download and print!  betsy makes those especially for me as i am a bit digitally challenged.  ;)


  1. LOVE that 6x6 page!!
    I totally need to get on this Centipede thing.. oh, time.

  2. Congrats to G! I wonder how far ahead TN is from CT in the weed/wildflower department - so looking forward to it!

  3. Love your haiku photos! What a wonderful thing to include in your project life. :)Evie