Thursday, April 5, 2012

joing me for stashbusting ms. pacman style!

we've got a super fun new game going on the jbs mercantile message board!  and there are prizes!  if you're into stash busting or you need to be into stash busting then chomp your way right over!

basically, it involves creating your own mini kit for the game.  i couldn't decide where i wanted to start with mine, so i headed over to my scrappy pinboard on pinterest and looked through my color schemes.  and then i laughed because i have at least five if not more versions of this same color scheme.  i guess i really like it a lot.  i think it must remind me of growing up in a little coastal community in florida.

here's the kit i came up with.  can't wait to start playing with it.  maybe tonight!  we don't have to go to bed on time as tomorrow's a school holiday.  woot! 

if you want to play along you can find the game instructions and lots of fun chatter HERE.


  1. Seriously, this challenge is the BEST.

  2. I like you unabashed polka dot usage on your kit mixage :)