Saturday, April 14, 2012

saturday: part two

wow.  i can't even tell you how nice it has been to stay home all day.  but i'm sure you know.  i got this layout done for shimelle's colour adventure challenge.  the challenge was to use yellow, grey, and one more color.  i immediately thought of the yellow and grey popcorn paper i had bought and squirreled away to use with this photo commemorating the popcorn tradition we have going on with chelle and the triplets.  they can't come to our house without their popcorn and real butter anymore.  it just wouldn't be right.  as i was looking through my new papers for yellows and greys i noticed some oranges i liked too, so that became my third color.  so yellow, grey, and orange.  i like it!  ha!  and i could also use this layout for shimelle's mixing papers challenge since i used papers from seven manufacturers!  basic grey, american crafts, fancy pants, sassafras lass, my mind's eye, october afternoono, and ki memories.  fun times.

i had been hoarding the vintage popcorn bag and butter label for this layout too.  i'm so glad i've been motivated to do some extra scrapping lately.  it's been fun.

the flowers are also vintage.  i need to see if jenni has more of them.  i love them so much.  they're very sheer and non-flowery.  easier to work into boy layouts, ya know?  also, i must say . . . i will never have enough of the vintage white/cream buttons in my stash.  they are so useful.  they make for cute "popcorn" here, don't they?

i took a few step-by-step pictures so i could write a mini-tutorial on the sunburst.  it was very easy.  first i trimmed a two-ish inch strip from each paper.  i didn't measure them.  just more or less.

then i trimmed those at an angle from the top right corner to the bottom left corner.

then i started adhering them to the page like so.  i trimmed the bottom tip off them to fit them on the page like this.  i also saved all those little trimmings as i figure i can make a cute card with the same basic design.  by the way, i ended up angling those first three pieces of paper more after i took this pic.  also, i didn't have to worry how the middle looked, because i knew i was going to cover it up with the picture.

this is another quickie project i threw together this afternoon.  i think the garland took me about an hour tops.  it's a sample for the jbs mercantile spring dime store kit that goes on sale tonight at midnight (if you're a regular mid-month vintage shopper, please note that since the 15th falls on a sunday, we're going live tonight at midnight instead of tomorrow morning at 10 am cst per usual).

i am going to attempt to describe how i tied the knot to make the links now.  move along if you're not interesting in knot tying, lol.  1. run the twine through each hole so both ends are coming out the tops.  2. tie them once.  3. run one thread underneath all the threads and then bring it to the top and tie them again.  4. tie a little bow.  5. then tie the loops of the bow together to make a double knot that won't come undone.

turned a label sticker into a button by punching four holes and making a little X out of embroidery floss.

and here's my little scientist bug hunting this morning.

isn't he adorable?  don't you want to squish him?  how happy am i that he's watching the three stooges with his dad right now?  very. yes.  very.

here's the experiment he conducted with the leaf litter he was out there with his bucket getting.  he cut the bottle and layered it like so.  put the leaves in the top and set a lamp over it.  this apparently makes the little buggies run away from the light and drop into the bottom for collection.  he actually found the pseudoscorpion that he was hunting which elated him.  don't worry.  a pseudoscorpion is kinda like an ant with pinchers that's barely as big as a pinhead.

how's your saturday been?


  1. Love the sunburst--it makes for a gorgeous background. That popcorn bag is so so very cool!!

  2. I love your sunburst LO! Totally caught my eye!

  3. I love the colour combination you chose. Grey, yellow and pale rust(?) look fabulous together. There is something really retro about that combination. I love the paper flowers too.


  4. are you kidding me Doris?!!!!! that layout is incredible! And G - yes i want to squeeze him - can i borrow him for a week?