Thursday, April 26, 2012

week in the life: day four (and another peek!)

well.  perhaps i should title this post "slacker is my middle name."  i only have three "week in the life" photos to share today.  the rain clouds (i've been seeing some awesome cloud pics on instagram, but keep forgetting to take photos when the skies are blue here) . . .

a few drops after the rain.  and a lovely rain it was.  i love a good rain.  i kinda like this picture too.  artsy.  i've developed an addiction to instagram.  instagram wasn't letting me upload all evening and i was having seriously sad withdrawals.  finally i thought to do updates and restart my phone and now all is well.

and here is the clean laundry.  i never get the laundry put away.  i seem to be sharing all my bad habits this week.  i snapped this pic because it was on my list of things to document in "week in the life."  i refuse to snap a pic of the dirty dishes though.  i just can't air all my dirty laundry in public.

and here is probably the reason that i am a "week in the life" slacker and a housework slacker this week.  donkey kong is going strong!  layout #5 with the may kits!  woot!  at this rate i could be at 8 by gallery reveals monday night!  crazy!

p.s.  i'm the towhead on the left.  :)

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  1. Just reading your post and I have become even more of a housework slacker since I got my new room from I forget the time when I am out there, everything is organized and so easy to find now. My husband has to come and get me out of the room. I think before long I will have him scrapbooking and forgetting the time as well.