Tuesday, April 24, 2012

week in the life: day two

i didn't do well at all with my photojournalism today.  i kept thinking i should take pictures and then not.  oh well.  i did say i was taking the low stress slacker approach, so there you go.  this is the only photo i took in the a.m. hours.  documenting my bad habit.  niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.  i should have taken a pic of the roll of toilet paper that fiorella pulled out of her backpack to blow her nose with.  that totally made me laugh and so reminded me of my childhood.  kleenex?  really?  what's that?

i also need to include our teacher convo during chemistry class.  me, carrie, and coach j had ourselves in stitches.  i'd tell you about it, but it's kinda gross and wouldn't be nearly so funny with my retelling.  i'll just summarize with the three things we learned today in chemistry class:

1. check for fire ants and chiggars prior to doing any serious business outdoors
2. aldi's  "two sticks" (aka slim jims) taste good
3. "duck dynasty" is the best show on television

i neglected to take a pic of our playdate as well, but fingers crossed he's coming back tomorrow.  i did snap a few of g and i jockeying for space at the dining room table.  you can see my antiquarian layout in progress there beneath his moth habitat.  i brought a couple shoe boxes home from school (donated by an english teacher).  g was BEYOND thrilled with them.  i swear he did a little happy dance.

here is the moth habitat he created.  the netting is from an orange bag, obviously.  no moths yet as it's been too freaking cold.  we're having crazy spring weather in the south i tell ya.

and here's a quick snap of our make-up work from yesterday's little day off.  math facts are currently the bane of my existence.  g is slow as molasses.  it's just his nature.  i need to send him that turtle card, lol.


  1. I love this & what a great idea for the moths. My boys would love that!

  2. You are so funny. I am sitting here laughing out loud and my dh says...what? I start telling him about you, your son, how you are connected with JB and your blog post and he just didn't get it to be as funny as I did...but he just doesn't "know" you like I do...lol. I love reading your blog. You are an inspiration in every day life as well as your creative inspiration...You keep me smiling!