Friday, April 13, 2012

pinteresting: see the details

this is my second layout for the jbs mercantile april gallery updates and it was made entirely from the main kit.  if you were bummed because you missed out on this when, then friday the 13th is your lucky day!  they were sold out, but after billing, jenni was able to put 4 more up for sale.  grab one quick!

i'm trying to remember to use my pinterest boards again, so this one grabs two inspiration pieces off my scrappy ideas pinboard.  instead of pinning layouts i love there, i tend to pin more nonscrappy things that will inspire me on my own layouts.  i pulled the separation in the title from this art piece.  i really like the way that unexpected gap forces the eye to slow down a think for a split second so you do indeed see more details.  do go look at the gallery with the original artwork.  it is stunning and i'm not done being inspired by it.

the yellow block at the bottom was inspired by this art piece.  i really love this technique and hope to remember to do it again.


  1. so very the yellow.

  2. oh my doris! now THIS one is my fave of yours! jeepers girl!

  3. love it! did you hand cut it or used a punch for flowers and dragonfly? so lovely!