Wednesday, April 25, 2012

week in the life: day three (and another peek!)

when i snapped this pic this morning g said, "why you takin pictures of random stuff all the sudden?"  ha.  he ain't seen nuthin yet.  i expect i will get snap happy any day now.  today wasn't the day, but something is better than nothing, right?  this, by the way, was my odometer reading before leaving for school.

and this was the reading this evening.  oy.  i teach at two high schools in the next county and g goes to school there as well.  every weekday it's drive to the far side to drop g off at school then back to the near side for my morning high school then back to the far side for my afternoon high school then sometimes, like today, back to the morning high school to pick up the playdate (maybe swing by jenni's in there) then home.  and the gas prices sure aren't pretty around here.  gotta take a pic of that too.

playdate in progress.  they're having some 100 year anniversary  of their "lego store."  they have active imaginations (no science messes today, woot!).  looks like we have a week long playdate.  yesterday, today, tomorrow, and a sleepover friday.  we're calling it "the week of blake."

while they played, i worked on this hot mess.  yes, it does look like mold.  i've been debating with myself all day if i think the moldy look is cool or fugly.  so far, cool is winning out.  the pic is of me (left) and my cousin a "few" years back.  :)

and here is another peek for you!  this one is mostly the may jbs mercantile antiquarian kit.  it's the best one jenni's ever put together.  seriously.  country living must have inspired her. 


  1. Oooo... Loving the peeks!! ^_^ I think the layout is fine. LOL And I so hear you on gas prices. 0.o

  2. Oh wow, had no idea you traveled that much in one day! What time do you leave in the morning? I'm so glad G has such a special friend! Mold, lol, no way! I love the old pics

  3. oh my gosh Doris - you're gonna laugh when you see my peek using that awesome Antiquarian ... !