Monday, April 9, 2012

menu plan 15: deviled chicks

these (along with the requisite 4 liters of coke and mrs. edwards key lime pie) were my contributions to easter dinner at sherri's this year.  the awe they inspired in the menfolk cracked me up (pun intended).  seriously.  every man that walked by told me they were "awesome."  i was proud.

i got the idea off pinterest, of course.  sorry to not be able to link the original source, but the link i have only goes back to someone dissing pinterest.  i know, right? 

they were somewhat easy to make.  here's what i did:
1. boil eggs per usual.
2. slice the top off the boiled eggs.  most times i didn't slice deep enough, so i sliced another thin ring to reach the yolk.  i then gave the spare ring of white to g.  he likes the white.
3. push the yolks out and mix them with mayo, mustard, and salt.  relish optional, but it probably would make the chicks look like they had zits or something.  i was also glad i boiled a half dozen extras.  i split three of the whites pushing the yolks out.  careful there.
4. put the yellow into a ziploc, cut the corner, and squirt into the empty white.  oh!  i ended up having to slice a tiny bit of the bottom of each white when i got to sherri's so the eggs would stand up.  they were acting like weeble wobbles don't ya know.
5. the eyes are tiny bits of black olive and the beaks are tiny bits of carrot.  then put the "hat" on.  peep!

this week's menu plan:
saturday - g's dad made dinner.  steak and potato/tomato soup.
sunday - easter at sherri's!  thanks sherri!
monday - easter leftovers!  thanks sherri!
tuesday - salmon, corn on the cob, cucumbers
wednesday - spaghetii
thursday - redfish, brown rice, salad


  1. Those do look awesome! (I had to say it...) I bet the kids thought so too.


  2. These are so cute! I wish I had discovered them prior to Easter. They definitely would have made it to the table.