Saturday, April 28, 2012

week in the life: day five

i rocked the week in the life photos yesterday!  you know since it was friday it was do or die time for documenting a regular weekday.  i work well under pressure.  procrastinators untie!  i decided to take a pic at each stop i made during the school day.  first up was a pit stop at our friendly neighborhood gas station for mommy's happy drink.

dropped g off at school with 2 minutes to spare!  we saw the green side of the sign every day this week.  woot!

 then to my morning high school.  students aren't allowed in the building till 7:50.  this is the calm before the storm.

my little desk area in my little classroom.  it is little.  it was originally supposed to be an atv closet for the library next door, but the principal had it converted.  i love my little room.  it's cozy.

high school students still like to make notes for the teacher.  isn't that sweet?

since my room is an oversized closet, it wasn't equipped with an american flag for the morning pledge, so we improvised.

 our class rules.  i teach english as a second language.  i think #2 is funny.

then second block i go to an inclusion chemistry class.  i'm really enjoying it.  the chemistry teacher has a very dry sense of humor that slays me.  he's also a really good teacher in so many ways which i appreciate.  i really enjoy the mix of kids too.  it's a fun hour and a half.

made a pit stop on my lunch break.  rented "rum diaries" and "the descendants."  haven't watched either one yet.  i'll probably have to return them unwatched monday.  typical.  i just don't get around to watching flicks these days.  has anyone seen those anyway?  wondering if i should make a concerted effort to watch them?

also snagged a couple trns while there.  those i will read.  i'm a good reader.

and then i grabbed my lunch at subway.  eat fresh!  and $5 tuna combos on fridays!  and this sweet girl i taught for 4 years.  love her and always so fun to run into her.

 then i arrived at my afternoon high school.  they gave me a key so i can slip in the side door here.

the work week ended on a high note as the major finally decided to have a come to jesus with the rebel teens who insist on parking in faculty parking.  this sight made me freakishly happy as i've been having trouble finding a parking spot for the last couple months.

ended the day with a sleepover.  i thought it was so sweet that blake noticed all the different colors in the quilts.  i told him my grandmother made those.  cute boys.


  1. Great pics. I haven't seen Rum Diaries but definitely watch Descendants. George Clooney is so good in this movie:)

  2. What a day! The boot on the car? Definitely a highlight.