Saturday, April 14, 2012

saturday scrappers, scientists, and stupid idiots

we're having a low key saturday here.  g is busy with his microscopic research and i am busy with my scrappies.  we have leftover buffalo wings in the fridge, so lunch is covered.  g's dad is supposed to come over with dinner and to take him to see the three stooges.  please cross all your fingers and toes that he does not renege on this offer because i do not want to pay good money to be trapped in a movie theater watching stupid idiots.  i don't usually speak so harshly, but i believe that's really what they are purporting to be.  personally, i would rather stay home and watch duck dynasty on demand.  and yes, i fully understand the irony in that statement.  to each his own.
here are my finished cards from my first round of ms. pacman.  this challenge was so much fun.
this one was made from the smallest scraps leftover from my layout.  the quilted look is a great way to turn little paper scraps into something useful and beautiful.
this you can see the idea for this one obviously came from the technique i used on the little houses for that same layout.  i just love that green paper at the bottom.  it made such great grass.
i had so much fun with the ms. pacman challenge that i made another kit!  and i've actually finished the layout for it already.  i haven't got it photographed yet though.  i still need to make the cards too, but i think i'll save those for next week and instead work on one of shimelle's challenges today.  shimelle's having a weekend crop on her blog and she's got lots of fun challenges and discussions going.  for the challenges, i think i'll do challenge #2: mixing papers since after working with paper scraps for the ms. pacman challenge i am now kinda itching to use my new uncut paper.  challenge #4 colour adventure looks good too though.  i'm always ready to use yellow.  or maybe i'll combine the two.  i saw some yellow and grey papers in my new paper stash.  and serendipitously they were polka dotted.  ha.  imagine that.
one of the discussions is about alphabet sticker storage.  (another is about washi tape - chelle you should check that one out ;).  here is my thicker collection.  i was lucky enough to be on the american crafts design team for a couple years, so i have a lot of thickers.  i keep them in the lined basket that i used to keep g's clean diapers in.  it resides on the bottom shelf of his old changing station that i converted into my scrappy storage station.  it is actually very functional and so full of nostalgia.  anyway, i've disciplined myself to not exceed this basket.  i mean really, it's an excessive amount already.  so if i happen to get new thickers then i try to purge a few so the thickers still fit in here.  also you probably can't tell from this horrible picture, but i have them divided into neutrals in the front and color in the back.  i was kinda surprised to notice that the neutral section is well over half.  the neutrals are further divided into white, grey, black, cream, and brown.  the colored section is divided into roy g. bi of course.  notice it is roy g. bi, not roy g. biv.  there is no violet in my collection.  ha.
my alpha stickers are in a 12x12 file spot on the top shelf of the changing station.  those are also divided into a section for color and a section for neutrals.  i have my jbs alphas stored separately.  i also have a little spot of very old chipboard alphas and a couple containers that hold my even older ki memories soup.  the chip and soup don't get used much.  like never.  they are hidden in the shadows.  wait!  and i spy with my little eye a mason jar of ki felt letters and another of heidi swapp ghost letters.  those don't get used much either.  i wonder why.  they look so pretty though.  hmmm.  now i'm thinking i should pour all the ki soup into a mason jar.  that would be a pretty sight, wouldn't it?

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  1. Where is the Washi tape discussion? I did a quick search on her blog but only found it mentioned in her kit she put together. I don't even know what Washi tape is.