Monday, April 23, 2012

week in the life: day one

anyone out there doing ali's "week in the life" . . . ???  i am!  i've got a cute amy tangerine daybook from may's jbs mercantile mini-album kit and it's perfect.  i wanted something where i could just journal and stick down pictures instead of going overboard like i usually do.  this works!  and shimelle (who's designing the may mini-album kit) has a fun selection of papers and stickers to go with it.  more easy!  yay!

here are today's pics.  i got my first instagrams printed.  they're so fun!  i love them!

first up, we took a sick day.  we probably didn't need to.  i'm thinking it's just allergies/sinuses.  it's fun to play hookie sometimes though.  g was so sweet.  he said he wanted to sit on the couch under the quilt with me and chichi and poopsie.  we rented hop and obliged him.  btw.  what's up with the cold weather?

g petting chichi in a sunbeam.  cats are such relaxing creatures to have around.

g posing with pepito.  gotta get both the kitties in the album.  they're a big part of our day to day lives.

g watching "how to grow your own bacteria cultures" on youtube.  he just told me i have to buy him chicken broth and agar on our next grocery trip.  i couldn't possibly make this stuff up.

while he was on youtube i was working on my mini.  fun times.

we also went to the library, walgreens, kroger, and the mapco today and i've saved all my receipts to put in the little envelope in the middle.  more tomorrow!  a week i can handle.  i think.  ;)


  1. Love that you are using the Amy Tangerine Daybook! So fun!

  2. This is great, just great! I love these pics of G! I want to include some stuff about our cats too - total agreement, they are so relaxing. Not a person comes to our house who doesn't ask about Thomas and love on him - he;s just a GOOD cat. I can't wait to see your full week!

  3. And LOL about bacteria and chicken broth EWWWW but funny!

  4. I thought about doing Week in the Life. I did it last year and never made anything with the pics! I just journaled and took pics. I didn't feel like I could fit it into my schedule this week. I should have, because this week is my birthday so it would have been a fun one to do. Plus it's my cards class. Okay, now I'm filled with remorse. Are you happy now???!!

  5. PS - I loved your pics and love that you're using a daybook! I have one calling to me to be used. Maybe you'll inspire me.

  6. I have to say, that boy of yours seems like he's got such an active and curious mind.... bacterial cultures?!! It seems like it's quite a different world to have boys rather than girls. Over here we're playing princesses and dolls :-)