Sunday, April 15, 2012

saturday: part 3

before i forget, shimelle's got a great coupon code for free shipping and more on her blog!  check it out!

i so enjoyed shimelle's online crop this weekend!  and i was so productive!  these two cards were made from the scraps leftover from yesterday's yellow + grey + orange layout (the backsides of a couple papers were aqua).  and serendipitously, these work for the last challenge posted today, use your scraps (if you look at the bottom of this post you'll seed the free ship code for two peas)!  i actually got the idea to make them from another challenge though.  i happened to check out the two peas blog yesterday and i'm really liking it.  the card on the right was made from this week's card sketch challenge.  then the card on the right i made from the scraps from the first card.  nice.

these two are my cards for the ms. pacman challenge.  i've completed two of those now!  there's still time to enter!  the challenge doesn't end till midnight cst on the 20th (this friday).  the card on the right does use a couple more of the yellow scraps and then i followed that diagonal design again.  i really like that.  the card on the right i cut with a pti die i bought last year and had never used.  used now!  it's misted with walnut ink and glimmer mist suede.

the card on the left is "turtle-y awesome" isn't it?  ha.  it's an inside joke/challenge from our ms. pacman thread.  (thanks B for all those clouds!  i've been using them!).  card on the right is another with scraps.

ha!  and one of shimelle's discussions today was about scraps!  and another about patterned paper storage, so i thought i'd share my paper organization.  this is it (except for one more section that has jbs papers).  i've done a lot of purging in the last few years and i've gotten quite disciplined about buying.  so this really is it.

so my system from left to right:  1. scraps  2. cardstock scraps  3. vintage papers  4. specialty papers (vellum, overlays, cut, fabric, etc.)  5. neutral blacks/greys  6. neutral browns/creams  7. majorly multi-colored (most of my papers are filed by dominant color of my favorite side. only the papers that are very multi-colored get put in this section).  8. roy g. bip (again, there is no violet in my stash, so i put pink in the last slot.  ha!)

here's a closer look at my scraps.  i only keep my absolute favorites and they only go in here when they're smaller than a half sheet.  those large pieces that only have an inch or two cut off are stored with the full sheets.  i've noticed that i like working with tiny scraps too, so i'm thinking about actually keeping those and storing them in an old cigar box.  any of you keep the tiny scraps?  like less than a dollar sized?

this is an update to the garland i shared yesterday.  i needed to alter it a bit for wholesale use and i got the idea to add full-sized photos to it while i was making the changes.  i really like the look.  i think this would be a super cute way to display photos of the birthday girl at her party. 


  1. You are smokin'! I love the rays! I will keep some patterned paper that is a dollar or less in size but not very often. I kept that white on yellow text from the last kit, probably a 4" by 4" piece. That's usually as small as I save. I have more patterned paper than that but it's the really old stuff that is very basic like polka dots and some old Anna Griffin - my current in the last year or two paper stash is about that same size. - not including JBS.

  2. oh wait, I forgot about the seasonal and themed paper shelf. Oy. Need to clear that one out.

  3. That card is turtley awesome! I LOVE IT!

  4. you rock. I miss the days when I planned Page's party outfits based on your scrapping needs!