Wednesday, October 22, 2014

bryant's grove state park: i miss the warm weather already

i'm almost caught up with my slight backlog of summer posts that never got posted.  this one has me missing summer oh so much.  these were taken back in early june, just a week or so after we got out of school.  i don't know how i'm going to make it through the next six months till i can toast myself in the warm sunshine again.  i am such a cold weather wimp.

isn't this couple the cutest?  they were fishing next to where g was exploring and i just couldn't resist snapping their picture when they weren't looking.

bryant's grove has a swimming hole, so mostly we come with one of g's buddies.  the boys will swim while i sit under the cottonwood tree pretending to read or crochet.

on this day it was just the two of us.  g had brought his dip net and was on the hunt for minnows, crawdads, and whatever else he might find.

and, of course, i snapped a few wildflower photos on the way home.

black eyed susans.

purple coneflower.

 st. john's wort.

this little beauty was quite the model.  she let me get within inches and just kept adjusting her poses for the camera.  what a cutie.

ah, summer.  i love you so.


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