Monday, October 27, 2014

menu plan: freezer soup

i do mean to brag as this came out seriously awesome, especially considering i flew without a recipe again.  i am also especially proud that the tomatoes, corn, bell peppers, and potatoes all came from my gardening endeavors or from homer's farm (that i helped with this past summer).  hello homegrown!

boil 3 (skin and bones still attached) chicken breasts with a medium diced onion, 5 medium diced potatoes, parsley, mrs. dash, and salt and pepper to taste.  when chicken i done, pull it out to debone, deskin, and shred it.  also go ahead and add the remaining ingredients at this point and add the shredded chicken back in.  let simmer a bit and then serve.  delicious!

1 can cream of chicken soup
1 sandwich bag of frozen corn
1 sandwich bag of diced frozen bell peppers
1 sandwich bag of diced frozen tomatoes

and for this week's menu plan, we are still working on cleaning out the freezer.  we're getting closer to a major grocery run!

sunday - burgers and (leftover) sliced baked potato
monday - pork chops and corn on the cob
tuesday - spaghetti
wednesday - church
thursday - french toast, scrambled eggs, and bacon
friday - trick or treat!
saturday - tammy's!

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  1. Yum...and it is so satisfying to know you grew this! Makes it taste soooo much better.