Monday, October 27, 2014

quality literature: city of heavenly fire (books 3-6)

cassandra clare finally came out with the sixth book in this series, so i eagerly got back to them and read books four through six in less than a week.  i mentioned last year when i began the series that books one through three were more of a trilogy in themselves, then books four through six were more or less a second trilogy.  the core characters remain the same, but the antagonist and fight against the forces of evil shift slightly.  once again i was tremendously entertained.  i think i enjoyed the storyline and plot twists even a bit more in this second set.  i could also tell that she is preparing some of the younger characters to star in an upcoming addendum to the series.  that is something to look forward to.  i will say that there were a few times when characterizations were used to drive the plot and also a few times when the author was very heavy handed in promoting her social views.  these were both minor complaints however, and only ever so slightly impacted my overall enjoyment.  these are must reads if you like this genre!

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