Thursday, October 9, 2014

roadside attractions: looks like home to me

                            "what is that?" he asked.
                            "that is where mommy used to hang out the clothes to dry."  i replied.

goodness.  it's been a quarter century or so since i last used that line.  does time really fly by so fast?  of course, it does.  but it still seems like yesterday.  i actually loved this particular chore.  do you remember back to a time when the days seemed endless and the responsibilities were few?

i grew up calling these bee flowers.  i could probably google them to find their proper name, but i like the name bee flower, and besides it is very fitting.

my dad says these are coffee beans.  not the real deal coffee beans, mind you, that's just what people around here call them.  he says they lie dormant in the soil for ages until the soil is tilled and the seeds feel the sun shine.


seed pods from the yellow flower above.

nature goes wild more quickly in florida than in most other places.  this was a tidy garden just this spring.  of course, the massive amounts of miracle grow that my nephew added to the soil could have something to do with the vegetative burst.

this is a hint of what fall looks like in north florida.  subtle, but beautiful.  october, yes, but not quite yet.  soon.



the yellow and orange turns quickly to red.

crab traps in the background.  my brother and g threw them out in the canal this evening.  i am anticipating a mess of blue crab come saturday.

texas has got nothing on the georgia thumper.  see my brother's hand in the background for size reference.  woah.

posing for his glamour shot.

intracoastal waterway.

overpass to span the intracoastal waterway in my tiny country community.

 country road.

they were all dirt roads when i moved here back in elementary school.  i remember feeling that dirt between my toes.  so long ago, but some memories never fade.

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  1. I remember. And I remember 25 years ago living in a house with one of those clothes pulleys you see in Victorian kitchens. It was brilliant, I'd love one now, you could put all the clothes on it and then haul it up to the ceiling and leave it all to dry out of the way.

  2. You always see the most amazing grasshoppers!!

  3. I saw some of those HUGE grasshoppers at my BIL last year when we visited him in Merritt Island, FL. I thought the world might be coming to an end by getting eat up by these HUGE grasshoppers. It totally freaked me out they were so big!! LOL who knew? And your pics are gorgeous as usual....

  4. Oh it all looks lovely, there are many bits that look so similar to here in the UK but then some striking differences ( like that mahoosive grasshopper!)
    All so lovely - and now I want to come and visit there!
    Thanks for joining in again lovely x

  5. Woah! That's a huge creature - fantastic colours too!

  6. oh my word that grasshopper is a thing of beauty me and my daughter would want to catch and hold it if we could

  7. I love all of this! Especially the thought of walking along dirt roads. Beautiful.