Monday, October 13, 2014

me on monday

this was me on sunday, actually.  i had quite a bit of fun watching the boys play in the surf, crocheting, and taking selfies under the pier.  then we stopped for the requisite ice cream before rushing home to the family birthday party.  really, i can't believe my baby will be eleven years old in a week.  ELEVEN.  i forgot to buy candles for his cupcakes.  luckily, we found a box at grandma's.  there weren't eleven candles left in the box, so i just put two on his cake to represent eleven.  really, two is much more acceptable anywa.  eleven.  sheesh.  slow down!  but it is okay for other kids to grow up fast, lol.  as i was crocheting the baby blanket for the baby niece who is already seven months old and thinking that i might finish it by the time she has a baby, i realized that i could be a great, GREAT auntie by the time i'm fifty.  ah the joys of being the youngest of five.  i became an aunt for the first time when i was eight.  back then it was a novelty and i was quite good at childcare.  nowadays, i will say that I have definitely overdosed and never want to watch the nursery at church.

in other news, we are heading back to tennessee in the morning.  while i am eagerly anticipating an amazing violent florida thunderstorm this afternoon, i am not so anxious to drive in one tomorrow.  fingers and toes crossed that it will please blow over by then.

happy monday, friends!

joining up with sian from high in the sky.  :)


  1. That's such a lovely photo. It looks like you've had a really relaxing time.

    Happy Birthday G!

    Have a safe trip home and a great week

  2. Came over from Sian's....yep...& I discovered the years between 11 & 18 flew twice as fast as those up to 11....just a warning! You blink and time goes....PRETTY wool....I've a cardigan I've been knitting DH for 15 years....ssshhhhh!!!!!