Tuesday, October 21, 2014

long hunter state park: it's come a flood

we went to long hunter again saturday and took a friend.  i told them before we left that i wanted to walk the trail before they took off fishing.  they were totally okay with that and even more thrilled when they found out that half the trail was under water.  what is it about boys and puddles?

see.  the leaves were still green.

these reminded me of sea oats at the beach.

i kept my shoes on and walked through the woods around the puddles.

i was able to get about eight inches from this snake.  at eye level too.  yes, i'm bragging.  it was moving very slowly.  the boys thought it might have been pecked by a bird.  or maybe it had just eaten.  not sure.  hope it's okay!

i was flat on my belly to photograph this little mushroom.  angle is everything.  somehow, a big stick managed to get lodged in my pocket while i was down there.  when i stood up, it drug the ground through the leaves and then fell at my feet.  i shared my favorite swear word with the birds and squirrels (the boys were quite a ways ahead of me at this point. the camera slows me down).  the irony of my bravery in front of the snake and my fear with the humble mushroom is not lost on me.

light is also everything.

savoring the last few blooms.

when we got to the bridge that spans the lake, i had to finally take my shoes off.  the water was invigorating.

a walking companion that i picked up on the hike told me that this is a persimmon.  my dad would like it.

on to fishing!

and finally i found one little tree in the parking lot that was all decked out for fall!

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