Saturday, October 18, 2014

long hunter state park: summer stories

we spent a couple days at long hunter state park this weekend.  it's just fifteen minutes from home and the best place for g to go fishing.  i made the observation this last visit that it's best to frequent these parks often, at least on a monthly basis to appreciate all the wildlife they have to offer.

these photos were taken back in june when the barn swallows were taking care of their babies.

we actually had a pair of them nesting on our front porch and they were the cutest things ever.  i was bummed that i didn't borrow a zoom lens in time and the babies were gone when we got back from vacation.  they grow fast!  i snagged these photos under the pavilion where g fishes.  next year i will be prepared with the zoom lens!

i think they are even funnier when their beaks are closed.  they look like little muppets to me.

the very next day we spotted these deer in the parking lot.

and g caught a tiny toad for me to photograph.  i kinda have a thing for toads.  i pretty much think they are adorable.

in july the canadian geese stopped by for a visit.

g was into micro fishing then.  i'm not even kidding.  this apparently a real "sport" on youtube.  he bought special hooks and everything.

i like to crochet while g is fishing.  it keeps me occupied, but i can still enjoy nature and my boy.

then these last few are from yesterday.  the calendar says we're well into fall, but the weather in tennessee and elsewhere in the south would disagree.  those leaves in the distance are deceptive.  they look all fall golden, but we hiked that path over there the very next day and they were still 97% green.  maybe next weekend?

currently, g is back into full sized fishing.  this crappie is the biggest he's ever caught all on his own.  and he caught it with a duck taped cane pole.

you can see my crocheting hasn't made too much progress in the last three months.  i guess i need to take g fishing more often.

it was seriously overcast all day, but the sun came out for a few minutes and i snapped these photos.

in this one, the sky is on the flip side.

stay tuned for fall . . . :)

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  1. Your photos just make me smile!! I love that so many of them have g's happy face holding some sort of wild critter -- awesome!! :)