Wednesday, October 15, 2014

jbs mercantile: tag along

this is one of those layouts that make me fall in love with scrapbooking all over again.  i love everything about it from the design, to the mix of patterns, to the layers, to the homespun appeal.  mostly, i love that it tells a story.  lots of stories, actually.  and it highlights a favorite photo that makes me sentimental every time i look at it.

i wrote a little post over on the jbs blog about the piece of october afternoon patterned paper that the little children's silhouettes came from. i just adore how it perfectly expresses the relationship my brother and i had back then.

the flap on the right is all one piece, attached by washi tape down the center.  it lifts up to allow the journaling to be read.  in this case, it wasn't that i particularly wanted to hide the journaling, it was just that i wanted to write a lot.  i like the effect of text on the page like this used as a design element.  it's like a double bonus.


  1. It is the type of layout that make me love the scrapbook. Preciosa!!

  2. ADORE it. LOVE it. I always add huge great swathes of text written in DOC format to a little pocket I make on the backs of my LO's, with a little tag poking out the top so people viewing albums can see there's more to read. I'd never been brave enough to slap one of them right on the front of the LO. I'm going to take your lead and DO IT. For me, scrapbooking has always been about the story and you show, here, how you can make the story 'centre focus' whilst still having fun with the 'creating pretty things' part of it. LOVE it. [This is why I always come back to your blog - I always know you're going to do something, in scrapping, that'll make me go 'Doh, why *not*?!!]

  3. I love your flap idea---not really hiding the journaling, but adding a design element over it. Very clever, my friend!