Wednesday, October 15, 2014

good blog reads

how sweet is this?  g's holding my niece's new kitty.  he would love to have one of his own, but i'm just not sure i'm ready to be a cat lady (title given to single women with 3+ cats).  really, i'm just not sure the litter box can handle one more.  moving on . . .

we are home safe and sound again.  whew!  i am always so relieved once the long drive is over.  i have had a revelation though about listening to podcasts on the road.  perhaps i'll subscribe to this new technology and our next trip will be much more tolerable.

but today, today i have been thoroughly enjoying a rainy day at home.  g had a sleepover buddy and i heard them laughing and concocting stories all afternoon.  rain and children playing.  two of my favorite sounds.  i quietly scrapped and blogged.  two very relaxing and enjoyable pastimes.  a very good day was had by all.

here are a few new blogs i've found recently to share with you.  enjoy!  mountain hiker, photographer, writer, midwest jewelry maker. STUNNING lighting in her photographs.  i don't even know how to describe how beautiful they are.  csa farming, both produce and floral.  australian homesteaders.  a nice mix of baking, cooking, gardening, and life on the farm.  beautiful nature walks and an interior design aesthetic that i appreciate.  another lovely little blog with nature walks.  also black and white photos with stories attached and a few rambling bits.  an awesome scrapbooker i have recently discovered.  and she has a kitty.  major gardening blog.  hoping to learn some things here.  this one is a bit different than the standard blog model.  i haven't quite figured it out yet, but i'm going to enjoy and be inspired while exploring it.  half of the scapgals team.  scrapbooker, english teacher, world traveler who's not afraid to tackle pinterest projects.

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