Tuesday, October 21, 2014

holiday mini album: an update

goodness.  i feel like it's been so long since i last shared pages from my holiday handbook that you all have probably forgotten what the heck it is.  in a nutshell, i decided to document my one little word "holiday" in this mini-album format all year.  it was an excellent idea at the time and i really do still love it.  the problem is that i don't still like doing it.  or rather, i am too flighty to want to stick with something all year long.  herein lies the problem.  when it gets closer toward the end of the year and i start talking about my goals for 2015, won't someone please remind me that i don't like year long projects?

one thing that i will say that i totally appreciate about this project is my decision to incorporate a photo of my son and i each month.  i initially started documenting what we were into each month.  then when i got behind and didn't write these things down and thus couldn't remember what we were into, i started just asking him (and myself) what three things we enjoyed most about a specific event that month (like cub scouts, north carolina, etc.).  it's been a great way to record my thoughts and his and our different perspectives on things.  i love it a lot, really.

at this point i have begun just doing my intro page, the holiday collages, and the page of the two of us each month.  the quote collections, recipe pages, and birthday calendars will have to be added in some other year.

currently, i have this much done through mid-august (i'm sharing the best from  may and june today).

i am annoyed that i fell off the wagon again after getting caught up a couple months ago.  and getting caught up was such a struggle then, i remember, as i felt like i had lost all creativity with it at first (april was ugly).  then i found my groove again and loved my pages.  i just really hope that when i dive back in they will come effortlessly and not be a struggle.  but creativity does ebb and flow, doesn't it?

this page was to commemorate father's day.

wasn't my dad a cutie?  he's the oldest one in the foreground.

what about you?  behind on any projects/goals?  do share.  i would feel better.  :)

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  1. That's why I could never commit to Project Life---too much of a commitment on a weekly basis. Instead, I decided to do it on a monthly basis. It seemed fine the first year----which was all I was going to do, but the album is so darn big that I felt like I needed to at least do one more. I'm nearing the end of year 2 and each month is a struggle. I'm usually 2 months behind. I feel like it's hanging over my head---not good for someone so task oriented. I complete everything I start---or just about. I can't move on to something new until current project is finished. Just another kind of hell!