Monday, October 6, 2014

me on monday

hello friends!  it's the first official day of fall break!  hooray!  (i don't count the weekend as i'd be off anyway, you see).   i must admit that i am seriously struggling with the lazies today and my kid is not helping (see photographic evidence below).  i think i should be able to celebrate the first day of vacation by staying in my jammies all day.  unfortunately, i have a few car errands that i really must do.  tick tock tick tock goes the clock.  g says we can compromise by putting on sweats.  i love that kid.

in case you were wondering, this selfie is not documenting bed head, nor did i use styling product.  i simply grabbed my phone to take a selfie for this post, set it down to adjust my bobbie pin, and noticed this glamour shot in the viewfinder as i was leaning over.  i cannot stop laughing.  the ability to laugh at oneself is a sign of a healthy ego, right?

in other news, i am not quite healthy again.  anemia stalks me.  i have been tired and apathetic for weeks and blaming it on too much work, not enough sleep, or pms.  i should know better.  i feel 100% awesome and full of energy (the lazies are no indication) after starting my iron pills once more.  lesson learned.

here's what i've been occupying my lazy self with this morning.  we've been having paper party chats at get it scrapped!  aka enabling.  susanne posted a pic of american crafts diy shop patterned paper and i swooned and then realized i could probably recreate a similar mix just by shopping my stash.  i could and i did and it was so much fun!  i like mine even better (sorry for the poor lighting photo, but in true lazy fashion, i didn't feel like moving it all to the floor in front of the door where there is good lighting).  we've also been chatting about christmas paper and i think i might try this again with a christmas line.  sounds like a plan!

and on with the scrappy shares as i promised i'd get caught up on those. i snapped photos of the newest ones this morning (on the floor in front of the door with the good lighting i might add).  i made this one with my july jbs mercantile papercrafting kit and antiquarian add-on (both sold out!  sorry!).  i will tell you that you can recreate the cool faded red splotches in like you see in the upper right corner by spilling kool-aid on your work.  you're welcome for that tip.

working with older photos of my boy has me feeling so very nostalgic.  the journaling on this one reads:

an imperfect photograph of a perfect moment

the light shining on our faces
the laughter in our smiles
the warmth in our arms
the love in our hearts

here's a photo of my boy today for comparison.  i'm wondering how long it will take for me to feel nostalgic over this one.  i'm guessing two weeks when we have to go back to school instead of lounging on the couch all day.

have a great weekend friends!  i mean WORK WEEK!  sorry!  i got confused with being on vacation and all!  ;)

joining in with sian fair and her monday meme.


  1. beautiful page. oh how it tugs at my heart to see you with G in your lap. those old mommy moments that it makes me feel so tender to look at. have a great break.

  2. Hi Doris! That is a beautiful page, but I like your selfie just as much :) We have another month almost until our fall break, so um yeah have a great time and all lol. And keep taking those iron's so good when they start working isn't it?

  3. It looks like you are enjoying your break and having fun playing with paper. I think I need to apply your lesson on iron pills to exercise in my own case. We all need to get better at taking care of ourselves as well as our kiddos. Great page too!

  4. Fall break means that you will have some awesome fall photos for us soon!!!