Monday, October 13, 2014

florida photos: crabbing on the intracoastal waterway

here are a few snaps from our most recent travels on florida's intracoastal waterway aka the canal across the street from our house.  i grew up just calling it the canal, but my bff since second grade is now a major insurance guru and she says it's really a much bigger deal than that and deserves the loftier title of intracoastal waterway.  i'm sure she's right.  she's right about most things.  i will say that i know for a fact that crabbing on the intracoastal is a big deal.  we caught 32 big ones saturday and that was some fine eating.  i always say that my big brother says "i love you" with blue crab.

look at that happy face.  my boy loves to get out on the water.  must be genetic.

that little tree in the middle there is a persimmon.  we like to pick them for my dad each year.

"we're serious fishermen" faces.

 pulling in the traps.

ever since i accidentally discovered that i get more sun flares when the iso is left higher, i've been experimenting with it. maybe a sunflare on the face isn't quite so desirable, but it does highlight his smile nicely.

and i think the higher iso makes for extra sparklies on the water.

i seem to be becoming known for my grasshopper photos this summer.  i was wondering why this guy didn't fly away fast like all the others.  my dad said that he probably just emerged from metamorphosis and his wings were still damp.

view from the overpass (that's the technical term, we really just call it the bridge, lol).

hey, dinner!


  1. You have the best adventures. :)

  2. Yep, I was wondering if you'd find a grasshopper this late in the year!! I think it's amazing that you were able to capture the wings. All of your photos are beautiful as usual! Glad you had a nice trip. On a side note, I've gone two weeks now with no pantry moth sightings. I'm thinking maybe I've finally eradicated them!! Still, I'm not moving stuff back in for another two weeks. What a nightmare!